Sunday, December 19, 2010

Unexpected Presents

So yesterday I was surprised by receiving a gift in the mail.  This is a very, very rare thing to happen in my life.  Last year for Christmas I got a neck warmer and some hand lotion.  I guess it was the bad economy (but that another story).  Anyway, I received a cookbook of baked goods.  It’s a really nice book.  I used to bake years ago, but have now resorted to box brownie mix (which I consume by myself in 2 days) and frozen pies. And no, I am not the size of a small house.  So I’m taking this as a sign that I should start taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasure of baking.  There are some kickass recipes in there.  Especially at Christmas time I remember backing cookies for weeks and freezing them.  I remember my kids and I sneaking down to the freezer to remove 5 or 6 cookies just because we really wanted them and Christmas was too long to wait.  So now that I am off away from my family, I have those precious memories.  The lesson here is to not live in the past but to create new memories and never forget to “live life” not just let it happen to you.  Enjoy your day and go make memories.

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